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Hiawassee Veterinary Clinic takes animal welfare and responsible pet ownership very seriously. We understand that animals bring a great deal of happiness and love to our lives. Therefore our goal is to provide high quality veterinary care to improve the quality of life for our client’s pets. All staff members give our clients the personal attention they deserve. Dr. Jason Palm will provide you with a variety of options for the treatment of your pet. We do everything possible to ensure that our patients live long and healthy lives.

10 Things That Make Hiawassee Veterinary Clinic Different

  • 1. We are a community based, non-corporate veterinary practice.
  • 2. Dr. Palm enjoys challenging internal medicine cases and likes to think outside of the box.
  • 3. We are proud of the fact that we have low staff turnover. Our staff has been employed here anywhere for 2 to 28 years.
  • 4. The building has a separate, quiet entrance for cats with dedicated feline exam rooms.
  • 5. We have an internal medicine specialist on call for in house diagnostics and treatment.
  • 6. We have a close working relationship with University of Florida (UF) for complicated cases in surgery and ophthalmology.
  • 7. We work with local animal rescues to help with pet overpopulation.
  • 8. We offer laser therapy for our patients.
  • 9. We strive to create a comforting and stress free environment for our patients.
  • 10. We strive to find the balance between traditional medicine and progressive alternative techniques.

Our pets mean the world to us. When your pet is not feeling well, finding quality care becomes the top priority. We strive to provide the most reliable and effective treatment possible to our patients. No matter the reason for your visit, we will always do our best to be sure you leave feeling satisfied with your visit.

To make an appointment, please call our office at (407) 299- 3969.

Google Reviews

Shannon S. Avatar

Quick, easy, and friendly. Dr. Palm is hands down the best vet I've ever been to. Highly recommend!

Shannon S.
Pete H. Avatar

Dr Palm came highly recommended and my experience with his clinic did not disappoint. The clinic has a clean comfortable atmosphere, a friendly and professional staff, and a doctor who knows what he's doing and treats his customers with respect and dignity. In a time (covid) when every other vet in town made their customers drop off their pets in the parking lot, Dr Palm lets his customers come into the clinic with their pet. There was also ZERO waiting time, Dr Palm took the time to explain everything to me and answer my questions. My girl was close to dying and he saved her life in surgery. I'll forever be grateful.

Pete H.
natasha s. Avatar

Dr.Palm is reliable, responsive and a very caring doctor. I know when one of my pets has a health issue, Dr. Palm would find the best solution and won't waste time. Saved my male cat, from crystal block, by performing very delicate surgery. Today helped my female cat with upper respiratory infection.The staff is always nice and accommodating. Thank you very much for great service and a piece of mind. Truly appreciate it.

natasha s.
Linda D. Avatar

Excellent service and I feel very safe taking my pets here. I had a pet ER emergency last night and they fit me in first thing this morning. They talked the situation through with me and I feel confident that my cat is in good hands here. I would definitely recommend them.

Linda D.
Natasha S. Avatar

Dr. Palm saved one of my 2 cats. My male cat was unable to urinate. There was a block. Dr. Palm perform a successful surgery. I'm very grateful to the stuff, especially Ashley, who was very perceptive to my cat's unfortunate emergency and who booked us in ahead of everyone. Thank you thank you

Natasha S.
Carmen F. Avatar

I can't say enough about Dr. Palm and his team! Great quality, good value, professional, responsive, genuinely caring, extremely patient and took the time to listen while providing excellent care. THANK YOU Dr. Palm & HVC team, you are the BEST!!

I had an urgent GI situation w/my 13yr old Siamese fur-baby and they, not only fit me in, but saw him on a Saturday. THANK YOU Denise!

Take the time to check out the website and read: "10 Things That Make Hiawassee Veterinary Clinic Different" - literally 100% true!

My cat means the world to me, and when he is not feeling well, I will move mountains to find a solution. Sushi and I, appreciate you, Dr. Palm and your amazing team!

Carmen F. πŸΎπŸ’œπŸ™πŸΌ

Carmen F.
Oscar R. Avatar

We have taken our pets to Dr Palm for years! I don't trust other vets with our cats and our dog! He is blunt when he needs to, and tells you what is wrong and what needs to be done! Dr Palm always communicates everything with us so we can make an informed decision about the health and treatments of out pets!

Oscar R.
April Avatar

Dr. Palm and the wonderful technicians that work here make every visit as stress free and friendly as possible. Every experience, from booking an appointment to getting results back for my fur-baby, have been nothing short of amazing. You can tell they truly love animals and try to do what is best for them. I never doubt that my pets are getting the best care possible when I take them here.

Anne L. Avatar

This has got to be the friendliest and most compassionate vet in all of Orlando! We were fostering a cat for a local rescue group. We realized that the foster (Tutu) wasn't feeling well, as she wasn't eating and her eyes were cloudy. Traditionally, we go to a low-cost animal vet but because of the pandemic the closest appointment we could get would be 3 1/2 weeks! We called Hiawassee Vet, as they had really good reviews online. They were able to see us the next day of our phone call. Very gracious, passionate, and caring vet and vet techs. They were upfront with us on what they thought we should do, if they were in our shoes, and were able to give Tutu some vitals and medicine that turned her around into a new kitty! 100% recommend this vet. Yes, it may be a drive from Downtown Orlando, but TOTALLY worth it.

Anne L.
Cathy N. Avatar

They are always very professional. The office is super nice and clean! Staff is great!

Cathy N.
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