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Hiawassee Veterinary Clinic takes animal welfare and responsible pet ownership very seriously. We understand that animals bring a great deal of happiness and love to our lives. Therefore our goal is to provide high quality veterinary care to improve the quality of life for our client’s pets. All staff members give our clients the personal attention they deserve. Dr. Jason Palm will provide you with a variety of options for the treatment of your pet. We do everything possible to ensure that our patients live long and healthy lives.

10 Things That Make Hiawassee Veterinary Clinic Different

  • 1. We are a community based, non-corporate veterinary practice.
  • 2. Dr. Palm enjoys challenging internal medicine cases and likes to think outside of the box.
  • 3. We are proud of the fact that we have low staff turnover. Our staff has been employed here anywhere for 2 to 28 years.
  • 4. The building has a separate, quiet entrance for cats with dedicated feline exam rooms.
  • 5. We have an internal medicine specialist on call for in house diagnostics and treatment.
  • 6. We have a close working relationship with University of Florida (UF) for complicated cases in surgery and ophthalmology.
  • 7. We work with local animal rescues to help with pet overpopulation.
  • 8. We offer laser therapy for our patients.
  • 9. We strive to create a comforting and stress free environment for our patients.
  • 10. We strive to find the balance between traditional medicine and progressive alternative techniques.

Our pets mean the world to us. When your pet is not feeling well, finding quality care becomes the top priority. We strive to provide the most reliable and effective treatment possible to our patients. No matter the reason for your visit, we will always do our best to be sure you leave feeling satisfied with your visit.

To make an appointment, please call our office at (407) 299- 3969.

Google Reviews

Felicia C. Avatar

This was my first time taking my pet here and was extremely pleased! The staff here are amazing, and Ashley was such a sweetheart! Dr. Palm and Juan were very helpful during our visit and answered all my questions! Thank you! Would highly recommend coming here!

Felicia C.
Kyle B. Avatar

I am a bit of a crazy cat mom so I was nervous transferring my cats to a new vet after we moved away from our old vet. Dr Palm and the staff at Hiawassee Vet put all my worries at ease. I was a bit early for my appointment and they took me right away and put my cat and I in a room. The vet came only minutes later to see us. Dr Palm was kind, personal, professional, and caring. Visiting a vet can easily be traumatic for cats but my cat was playing and chasing treats the second she got out of her carrier when we got home. No hiding under the bed for hours or being mad at me the rest of the day. And I attribute that to the gentleness shown at her visit by Dr Palm and team.

Kyle B.
natasha s. Avatar

Dr.Palm is reliable, responsive and a very caring doctor. I know when one of my pets has a health issue, Dr. Palm would find the best solution and won't waste time. Saved my male cat, from crystal block, by performing very delicate surgery. Today helped my female cat with upper respiratory infection.The staff is always nice and accommodating. Thank you very much for great service and a piece of mind. Truly appreciate it.

natasha s.
Natasha S. Avatar

Dr. Palm saved one of my 2 cats. My male cat was unable to urinate. There was a block. Dr. Palm perform a successful surgery. I'm very grateful to the stuff, especially Ashley, who was very perceptive to my cat's unfortunate emergency and who booked us in ahead of everyone. Thank you thank you

Natasha S.
Meredith B. Avatar

The entire staff at Hiawassee Vet Clinic is friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Dr Palm is not only thorough with his examinations but also takes the time to educate you about the issues at hand. My young lab mix likes to chew and get into things that he is not supposed to, so we have had to make more than a few trips to the vet. It is quite obvious that Dr Palm takes a lot of pride in his work and has a genuine concern for animals. I have always had a wonderful experience with everyone in the office and I can't recommend them enough!

Meredith B.
M. V. Avatar

The care my feline Brownie I received at Hiawassee Veterinary Clinic was truly amazing. I called them at 8am to see if they were able to see my pet for a visit due to our recent visit at the emergency clinic over the weekend. I didn’t have an appointment, but they were able to offer me a 10:30am appointment right away. There was no wait time, when I got to the clinic I called them to check in and they were able to see me right away. Dr. Palm and Nicolle was very attentive and knowledgeable. The extensive questions to really gain what was wrong with my pet put me at ease and felt really cared for. It made me less nervous and comfortable especially after just being totally blind sided from being at the Emergency Vet previously. I recommend Hiawassee Veterinary Clinic for your next pet visit/appointment. Everyone on staff, including the front desk was truly amazing. Thank you!

M. V.
Brian B. Avatar

No vet clinic could find out what was wrong with my dog.. Dr. Palm pulled a Dr. HOUSE and saved my dog Lady's life. 10/10 would recommend every time.

Brian B.
debra k. Avatar

Looking for a vet close to home, I decided to try the Hiawassee Vet Clinic. The building was beautiful and clean. The staff was very warm and friendly. And Dr. Palm was wonderful. Not having dogs for several years but having two new puppies, I had many, many questions. Dr. Palm answered them all with patience and honesty. His knowledge and kindness made me feel welcome and comfortable. A week or two after my first visit my old maine coon cat needed to be seen right away. This cat is big and not people friendly. I warned everyone there that he could act out. Dr. Palm was cautious yet gentle and handled Casper with ease. I have also chosen alternative surgeries for my pups and although Dr. Palm doesn't perform these surgeries at this time he and his staff have been incredibly supportive with my decision. I could not ask for a better vet! Ashley is delightful! Juan is awesome! And Becky is very nice too! I will continue with the Hiawassee Vet Clinic and highly recommend them!

Debra Korwek

debra k.
web m. Avatar

Best vet I've come across! He doesn't use scare tactics or over treat your animals in order to get more money. Gives it to you strait and let's you know options. Highly recommend especially for dental work.

web m.
Shuronda A. Avatar

I had an appointment this morning, it was wonderful staff was very helpful and informative. And I like the fact that they kept everyone separate so no one could run into each other, the clinic was extremely clean I like that.

Shuronda A.
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